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Auditing and investigation



  • The different forms of auditing
  • The standards of auditing
  • Internal and external auditor’s relationship


  • Elaboration of reference terms
  • Mission Planning
  • Methodological approach of accounting and financial auditing


  • Techniques for control of accounts
  • Elaboration of work programs


  • Revised Accounting System IFS and OHADA Programme.
  • How to Increase the Efficiency of an Accounting Service programme.
  • Design and Implementation of a System of Analytical Accounting Programme.
  • Design and Implementation of a System of General Accounting Programme.
  • Inventory Operations and Preparation of Financial Statements Programme.
  • Physical Inventory of Capital Assets: Preparation and Implementation Programme.
  • Balance Sheets and Consolidated Accounts: Principles and Methods of Development Programme.
  • Design and Implementation of Manual Administrative Procedures, Financials and Accounting Programme
  • Optimize Cash Management Programme

Tax law

  • Understand the Finance Act of N-1, N and N+1 Programme
  • Simplified Procedures for the Recovery of Claims and Lanes Running Under Ifs and Ohada Programme
  • Practice of Normes of Work Programme
  • The Management of Tax Control Programme
  • Legal Treatment, Tax and Accounting and Payroll Programme
  • Control Nsif Contributions Programme

Information technology

  • Training of Elaborated Financial Statements and Dashboards Programme
  • Human Resource and Payroll Training Programme
  • Software Mastering Updated Versions Programme
  • Instrument Panel of the Dsi Programme
  • Mastering Business Management Software’s Programme


  • Delegation And coaching Programme
  • Management and leadership Programme
  • Conduct of Change Programme
  • Organization and Management of a Work Team Programme
  • Managing the Results: Management by Objectives programme

Marketing, communication and lobby

  • How to Motivate and Control a Sales Team Programme
  • The Enterprise Communication and Relations With the Press Programme
  • The Development of Sales Techniques Programme

Organisation and management of the enterprise

  • Initiation to Financial Analysis (executives and Non-financial Managers) Programme
  • Concepts and Designing of Placement System and Physical Electronic Archive Programme
  • Concept and Designing of a Central Documentation in an Organization programme
  • Management of Stocks and Supplies Programme
  • Evaluation of Businesses and Office to Inputs Programme
  • Management of Projects Programme

Planning and management of projects

  • Planning and Management of Projects Programme
  • The Follow-up and Assessment of Projects Programme
  • Results-based Management: Operational Planning Programme

Public market

  • Market Procedures Programme
  • Public Market Settlement of Litigations and Disputes Programme
  • Public Market Auditing Programme

Logistics and purchase

  • Master the Procurement Function in the Enterprise Programme
  • Custom Procedures Programme
  • Customs Regimes Applicable in Cemac and Ifs Zone Programme
  • Customs Measurement of Epa Programme

Human resources

  • Recruitment Techniques in the Enterprise Programme
  • Management of Carriers and Gpec Programme
  • Training Management Programme
  • Annual Evaluation Exchange and the Tools of Motivation Programme
  • Tables of Social Board Programme
  • Technique for the Elaboration of Social Balance Sheet Programme
  • Training of Trainers Programme
  • Organization and Animation of Human Resources Function Programme
  • Remuneration Systems Related to Results Programme

Secretariat office

  • Reception Technique for Enterprise Programme
  • Management Technique for Executive Assistant Programme
  • Perfecting the Work of Assistance or Executive Assistance Programme
  • Skills Development in Administrative Drafting Programme

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